How will I become better at Fifa?

We want to help you becoming better at Fifa.

Do you want to increase your performance in fifa 2022? And get the best out of your carreer? There are multiple ways you can do that of course.

Living healthy and putting in the hours playing Fifa will you shape as an E-sporter. Of course all the training hours are important, but just as important is the right feedback on your matches. Its really important you can transform all the hours off the pitch into the pitch. Its our mission to make the right coaching available to everyone. Not just to the professionals!

The quicker you are aware of your behaviour during a match, the quicker you can start to develop. Only with honoust and well explained feedback you will manage to get the best out of yourself. Becoming aware of your qualities and weaknesses is part of the first steps towards development. Because its the knowledge of your behaviour that can start off your development.

Scorelit has professional players and coaches ready to analyse your matches and tell you how to improve your game. Choose your own Fifa professional, and receive a personal analysis on your gameplay. Because its an individual analysis, you will get the full attention of the expert and the right coaching you deserve.


Fighting for your dream, full with ambition and the drive to reach your full potential! We at Scorelit understand this as no other.

Our professionals have had that same ambition when they were younger. These are the people we were finding willing to help you in your journey to the top.

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