Your knowledge is their future!

Young amateur players are thriving on the possibility of improving themselves. As an Expert, you have the experience and knowledge of the game to help the players to develop. The process of watching players develop because of your coaching must be great to see, right?

How does it work?

Motivated players can upload their match footage in the app. They then select an Expert of choice that watches the match and gives a detailed report on how and where to improve. You will get a notification by e-mail that you’ve been booked. You can make te analysis in your own time, the only thing you need is an internet connection. In a simple to use software program you fill in a complete report. The report will automatically adjust to age and specific position. In the report you fill in the strengths and development points of the player together with added highlights of the game where you can explain certain situations. You can set your own hourly wage, and will be paid out the set time for that age group. The older the players the longer the matches and the longer the reports are.

Our mission

Scorelit stands for: Improving the game, one player at a time! The knowledge and experience of our Experts are key in the develoment of the future generation sporters.

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