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You are very ambitious and do everything what you can to help your dreams become true. But who gives you the right feedback on your matchperformances? Who takes the time for you to sit down and gives you the right feedback?

Getting training hours under your belt is very important, but just as important is someone telling you what to do during matches. The quicker you are aware of what you can improve during your matches. The quicker you can start becoming the best version of yourself. And thats where Scorelit comes into play.

Hello, my name is Jos Hooiveld and this is why I founded Scorelit.  In my opinion you arent born with more talent then the other. You have to put in the hard work and extra hours, what does make a difference is the quality of coaching you receive. When you are  lucky you are born in a household with lots of knowledge. Look at guys like Max Verstappen, Justin Kluivert and Sydney van Hooijdonk. They always had direct access to professional knowledge of their fathers. In multiple interviews they wrote how they could benefit from this. I wanted to create this opportunity to everyone, my dream is to make professional sports-knowledge accessible for the individual who seeks the right coaching.

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My name is Jos Hooiveld and for 18 years I was a professional Football player and played more then 300 professional matches in 12 different clubs. During my time at those clubs I became Champion in three different countries  (AIK Sweden, FC Kopenhagen Denmark and FC Inter Turku Finland) also we won promotion to the Premier League with Southampton FC. In my long journey to Pro I was often depending on my own knowledge and experiences. These times will change, we make the right knowledge accessible to everyone.